Ruth Novick & Brutus

Ruth Novick & Brutus

 - Milton, Delaware

Matt began showing me houses over 3 years ago, when I met him at an open house. He knew that my house, outside of Washington, DC, was not yet on the market, but he never failed to show me 10 to 20 houses everytime I came to town. This way I got a great feel for the area.

He always told me, out of all the houses that we had looked at, which he would feel comfortable selling to his mother. As a single senior woman, that made me feel safe and protected. After living here his whole life, Matt knows the ins and outs of the area, and he taught so many of them to me, so that I could feel at home.

When the time finally came for me to buy, he found the perfect house for me, with a built in "new best friend" that he knew, who lived right across the street.


Matt is very professional, and his great personality made the search fun, rather than a chore. In 3 years he never failed me or let me down, and I am happier in my new home than I have ever been. It fits me to a T.


I will recommend Matt to anyone I know who wants to move to this area, and feel quite sure that he will make them as happy as he has made me.