Mr. & Mrs. Grace

 - Crofton, Maryland
We had a home in Oak Meadows, Millsboro, Delaware for 10 years and loved it there.  I started to see my husbands health going down so we decided to move back to Maryland to be closer to our children.  I got Matt's name through a card that came through the mail and called him.  He came right away and was very kind and helped us to get the ball rolling and in no time at all our place was on the market.  Our place sold very quickly and things went just wonderful for us.  Matt was very polite, knew exactly what he was doing and answered all our questions we had for him.  I would not hesitate to call him again if I needed his service.  I have told him that if I hear of anyone down here that wants a place in Delaware I would give them his name.  He is the bestin my opinion.