Brandon Miller

 - 17749 Pimlico Road Milton, De

When I decided to enter the market for a new home my father recommended Matt based on an encounter with him several years earlier. My brother had just purchased a home eight months earlier and I had met his agent on several occasions. My brother's Realtor was always pleasant but never went above and beyond. I was set on calling his agent but my father strongly suggested I contact Matt first. Looking back now I just wish my brother had taken his advice as well.


The first time I met Matt I was shocked at how down to earth he was and how well we got along.  Being a first time home buyer I had numerous questions and even more concerns.  Matt had all the answers and actually made the experience quite enjoyable.  While I could continue praising Matt's winning personality, that's not what makes him so successful.


What separates one real estate agent from another is their performance.  I honestly can't say I've met any professional that excels at what they do more than Matt.   The only thing that impressed me more than his personality was his remarkably diligent work ethic.  Matt and I were in contact on a daily basis over the course of two months, until I found the house that I really wanted.  He constantly sent me emails with suggestions and provided me with virtually any information I requested about potential properties.  The only time Matt would not provide me with the information I sought promptly was when we were waiting on the details from the agent of the seller.  I couldn't imagine a more personable or committed real estate agent than Matt, which is what I'll tell every prospective homebuyer I meet from now on.