Bill & Sylvia Westergard

 - Lewes, Delaware

Bill and I happened to meet Matt while vacationing in Ocean City. We were interested in new construction in the Lewes area. Matt just happened to be the agent that was available when we called the agency. Since that first initial meeting, we have considered ourselves very fortunate in knowing Matt. He not only was our sales agent, but he has become a very valued friend and neighbor. Matt worked with us from start to finish. In fact, the new development Matt suggested we check out was at the time, under site construction. The plot plans as well as the floor plans for the models were not yet available. When the plans became available, we were very excited and decided to sign a contract and start construction. Ours’ was the first contract to be signed with the builder. At the time, Matt and his wife were also looking to build a home in or around the same area. They decided to build right around the corner from us. In each phase of the construction, Matt kept in touch with us with an up date.  He returned our calls and was happy to meet with us without an appointment. Matt is definitely a people person…So, if you want an agent who is professional, has good work ethics, and is a gentlemen, Matt is your man…!!!


Bill and Sylvia Westergard

The Retreat At Love Creek