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Matt Brittingham
Associate Broker
Cell 302.344.9026


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Mr. & Mrs. Frank Gibbs II - Milford, Delaware

During these turbulent & uncertain times that we live in, it is extremely difficult to find reliable, dependable, trustworthy individuals who are not selfish & willing to go above & beyond the call of duty to assist others. However, there is always an exception to every rule & Matt Brittingham epitomizes that exception. I have known Mr. Brittingham for over a decade now & our friendship spans back as far as grade school. Matt has always been a colorful, effulgent, passionate person.

Matt assisted my wife & I with the purchase of our first home. His professionalism was absolutely superb.  The fact that we were first time home-buyers we were very naive to a lot of things concerning the methodology of purchasing a home. Matt gave thorough explanations to all of our questions. He served as an effective liaison between the broker & I. He made phone calls, processed paper work, etc. We felt extremely comfortable having Matt handle all of our needs. I would strongly recommend Matt Brittingham to all of my friends, family & fellow associates. Matt is business minded & is driven by success, yet he remembers the most imperative rule of business. That the costumer comes first & if any one is going to have longevity & continued success they must apply this practical yet important ordinance. Any one that is seriously interested in real estate should seriously consider Matt Brittingham to work for them.

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